Henry VIII King Gem Pendant Necklace for Historic Renaissance Costume

PN# 8821
  • $11.95 USD

Museum jewelry replica of the necklace worn by Tudor King Henry VIII pictured in Hans Holbein's painting now in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The circular disk has a laurel wreath motif with inner decorative rings surmounted by a gem at center. In Holbein's painting the disk is oversized and sits on Henry VIII's lower chest. This replica is smaller like a necklace pendant on a 19 in L chain (necklace length).

NOTE: Replica of a necklace is about 30% size of the original in Holbein's portrait.

  • If you'll be wearing a Renaissance costume, this necklace will add a token of authenticity to your King costume.
  • Gold plated pewter gem pendant supplied on a gold plated chain.
  • The information on the reverse of the card gives a brief history of jewelry in Tudor times and about Henry VIII.
  • Pendant measures 7/8 in H x 7/8 in W x 3/8 in D.

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