Om Meditation Word Color Ceramic Unisex Pendant Necklace

PN# CERA-101
  • $8.50 USD
  • Save $4.45 USD

Om is the sound Brahma (the Hindu creator of the universe) used to manifest all of existence. The word OM is also used as a Mantra: a sacred sound that invokes the divine power in all things. To utter the scared syllable OM is to connect with the power which created the universe itself.

Wear the Om Chant Meditation Necklace and bring spiritual tranquility to your daily life.

  • Om Meditation Color Ceramic Pendant Necklace is made from painted ceramic. PN CERA-101.
  • Comes on a Legend Description Card with a 33" long black cord.
  • Size is 1.0 in L x 0.75 in W.
  • NOTE: color of background varies

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