Humanity Bracelet To Be Loved Unisex Metal Engraved Cuff Bracelet no returns attic

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Humanity Bracelet. PN 8704
Words to Live By

Life is a Miracle
Goodness is a Choice
To Be Loved is A Blessing

Three of life's basic precepts that we often take for granted are Love, Life, Itself, and the Choices that we make. We are so busy "living" that rarely do we stop and consider how interdependent these concepts are.

We often hear the phrase, "Live each day as if it were your last." But, wouldn't it be better if we "Lived each day as if it were the realization of a miracle," with all of the implied goodness that such a blessed life connotes?

Metal bracelet with words imprinted on the surface. Adjustable but fits up to 6.5 in to 7 inch wrist. Metal is hypoallergenic, golden color. Not gold and not brass. A mix of metals.

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