Van Gogh Sunflowers Orange Oval Handmade Aluminum Artisan Earrings 1.75L

PN# EO25
  • $24.00 USD

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These colorful oval Van Gogh Sunflowers earrings add sunshine to your face with its vibrant orange yellow palette. They are cute and charming dangling from your ears reminiscent of your last museum visit. Artisan designed and made in the USA, the metal earrings are lightweight, easy to wear and guaranteed to bring smiles.

Lightweight high definition color-infused metal jewelry. Scratch resistant and waterproof aluminum earrings. Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers in a Vase. Sterling Silver filled earring wires.

Measures: 1 3/4 inch total length x 7/8 inch wide. Weighs 1 oz.

Made in USA by Artista. PN EO25.

interests: van gogh, van gogh paintings, sunflowers, van gogh sunflowers, sunflower earrings, famous artists, lightweight earrings, aluminum earrings

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