Pocket Art Egyptian Hippo Blue Papyrus Drawings Miniature Statue 4L

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Miniature museum replica of an Ancient Egyptian Hippo in Bright Blue after ceramic originals in museums from the Middle Kingdom period.

Images of hippopotami often decorated with stylized lotus leaves and water plants accompanied the dead. The hippo was viewed as a symbol of new life and fertility because the Nile constituted Egypt's main source of water. Hippos were also dangerous and were associated with Seth, the god of evil and chaos. Blue hippos made from glazed materials are in many museums around the world. This one has a bird with outstretched wings on hippo's back with lotus plants on all sides of his body.

  • Statue replica is from the highly collectible Parastone Mouseion 3D Museum Collection of Pocket Art Miniature museum reproductions. PN PA25EG.
  • Included : Full color card with image of original artwork. Description card about artist and artwork. Both cards are in four languages. 
  • Material : Collectible quality, resin with hand-painted color details, matte and glossy finish.
  • Comes in a gift presentation box as pictured.
  • Dimensions : 4 in L x 2 in H x 1.5 in W. Weight 7 oz.

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