Isis Nursing Horus Egyptian Motherhood Queen Fairy Garden Miniature Statue 3.75H

PN# E-325GP
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Many statuettes of Egyptian goddess Isis suckling young Horus exist from the late Egyptian periods. As the goddess who gives life and provides motherly protection to the king, she is lovingly illustrated here providing milk, nourishment, and all her attention. In the pyramid texts, it is stated that the ruler drinks divine milk from the breast of his mother Isis. 

If you like to collect Egyptian artifacts and portraits of gods, this miniature statuette would look lovely in your collection. Else, if you have a themed fairy garden in the Egyptian style, this would add a touch of historic authenticity.

  • This Miniature Egyptian Statue of Isis Suckling Horus is made from resin with hand painted gold and color details.
  • Black base has hieroglyphs.
  • Measures 3.75 in H x 2 in D x 1.25 in W. Weighs 4 ounces.

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