We Three Little Rufus Puppies Playing Together Miniature Set 1.5H

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Nothing says CUTE more that these We Three Little Rufus Dog Puppies Playing Together Miniature Statues. These three puppies are plotting some mischief. With their leashes on, they are ready to take on anything that comes their way. No cat is going to outsmart these three young pups. Puppies get into many things mischievous situations which is why we love them. (PN RUF10)

This Rufus the Dog statue is part of a collection of statues by Dutch Parastone Artist Ed Van Roswalen. He was inspired to sculpt Rufus when visiting the beautiful island of Corsica where each village square is populated by a wide variety of very friendly dogs. While spending his time relaxing, he noticed all the funny things that dogs do!

We Three Little Rufus Puppies Playing Together Statues is made from resin with hand-painted details, leather leashes, Parastone collectible. Each puppy ranges in size from 1 to 1.5"H.

Add them to your doll house and you'll have hours of play time.

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