Kneeling Female in Orange-Red Dress Model Pose Statue Art Nouveau by Schiele 7H

  • $46.95 USD

From the Art Nouveau period, Egon Schiele created this portrait of a female in a red dress in 1910. The woman strikes an unusual pose squatting on her legs and looking at us with an engaging expression. Schiele's original drawing has been adapted as a statue for an inventive look at Schiele's angular style and interest in the female form.

  • Kneeling Female in Orange Red Dress Statue by Shiele is made from resin with hand airbrushed color details.
  • Part of the highly collectible Parastone Museum Collection.
  • Measures 7 in H x 5.25 in W x 2 in L. Weight 1lbs.

The artist and painter who, during his short life, developed from a Jugendstil artist into the exponent of Viennese expressionism. In Schiele's early work his liking for Eastern-Asian art can be recognized immediately, and it links up perfectly with the illustrative, ornamental Viennese Jugendstil. Later on he developed a powerful angular style which was entirely his own, and which make him into the exponent of early Viennese expressionism. Much of his work consists of portraits.

Egon Schiele led a short, eventful and, for those days, scandalous life. In 1918 he died of the Spanish flu, 28 years of age, and some months after his young wife Edith fell victim to the same epidemic.

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