Museumize:Medieval Crusader Knight Standing With Sword and Shield - 8556

Medieval Crusader Knight Standing With Sword and Shield

PN# 8556
  • $25.00 USD

Medieval Crusader Knight is standing tall and proud with his flowing cape, sword and shield. He is ready to begin his next battle in The Crusades and take on anyone who challenges him. He has an iron cross on his tunic that matches his shield with touches of orange color. Medieval Crusader Knight Standing with Sword and Shield is hand painted and polished. Made from cold cast resin, pewter finish and measures 7"H.

The Medieval Crusader knight is one of three types of fighting men during the Middle Ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. The knight was covered in multiple layers of armor, and could pass through other soldiers that were standing in his way. Knights were also the wealthiest of soldiers. To become a knight you had to be the son of a noble. At age eight, the boy started his training to become a knight. He was taught how to ride a horse with armor and fight with a sword. Once the boy was trained at about fifteen, he became a squire. As a squire the boy would feed and take care of the knights weapons and armor. Once the boy was found worthy, he was dubbed a knight.

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