Museumize:Medieval Knight in Armor with Langdebeve Weapon Statue 11.75H

Medieval Knight in Armor with Langdebeve Weapon Statue 11.75H

PN# 8542
  • $49.50 USD

This Medieval Knight holds a special kind of weapon called a landebeve or langue du buf. It is a variation on a swordstaff having both a long pole and sword type weapon at the end. The knight is able to defend himself from a distance and plunge his sharp point as his opponent approaches. This medieval knight has an ornately patterned suit with a face mask and helmet.

Our mighty knight is ready for his next fierce opponent in a crusade or royal battle. Three cheers for our knight whose powerful weapon will lead him to victory! Add him to your collection of Medieval Knight statues for role playing and learning about medieval history.

Medieval Armor With Langdebeve Weapon Statue is made from resin with a pewter and gold finish, black base, and measures 11.75"H. PN 8542

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