Museumize:Medieval Knight with Lion Shield and Sword Statue - 8552

Medieval Knight with Lion Shield and Sword Statue

PN# 8552
  • $26.99 USD

Medieval Knight with Lion Shield and Sword Statue is posing with his sword in his right hand pointed downward and his shield in his left raised up to his waist. His armor has the fleur-de-lis symbol and a fighting lion on his shield which represents his family. This Medieval Knight Statue is made from electroplated cold cast resin in a pewter finish and 7"H.

History About Medieval Knights: There were three types of fighting men during the Middle Ages: knights, foot soldiers, and archers. The knight was wore protective layers of armor, and could pass through other soldiers that were standing in his way. Knights were also the wealthiest soldiers. To become a knight you had to be the son of a noble. At age eight, the boy started his training to become a knight. He learned how to ride a horse with armor and fight with a sword. Once the boy was trained, he became a squire at approximately age fifteen. As a squire, the boy would feed and take care of the knights weapons and armor. Once the boy was found worthy, he was dubbed a knight.

Knights covered their bodies with plates of metal for protection on their chests, back, arms, and legs. A bucket like helmet protected the knights head with a hinged metal visor. A knight also carried a shield to hold in front of himself during battle. The shields were made of wood or metal and were decorated with their family emblem or crest. A knights weapon was his sword which weighed about thirty-two pounds. He wore it on his left side and a knife on the right.

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