Museumize:Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Skull Replica to Scale 13L

Tyrannosaurus Rex trex t-rex Dinosaur Skull Replica to Scale 13L

PN# 5103Z
  • $378.00 USD

Only 1 left!

Large Extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica. Sculpted by master sculptor Steve Pinney, this 1:4 scale replica captures all the detail and grandeur of the original.

  • Comes with an oak display base and not pictured.
  • Made from compound stone with hand-painted details to replicate the most minute details. PN 5103Z.
  • Measures 13 in L x 8 in W x 11 in H. Tarpit dark brown finish. Weighs approx. 12 lbs.

**NOTE: We have a dust cover specially designed for this item. 1 Left! Gallery Quality! PN 51_13x18x13

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