Kandinsky Modern Art Composition VIII Ceramic Flower Vase 9.2H

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Kandinsky's painting Composition VIII (1923) has been adapted to the surface of a ceramic vase in which one can display a beautiful flower bouquet. The vase is an oval shape with details on all sides. We see an interplay of geometric form, line, and rhythmic color, like a musical composition as interpreted through linear abstraction.

The versatile modern artist, Kandinsky, is known as a great theorist of abstract art. The depicting of recognizable objects hampered his search for spirituality. Inspired by Schonberg, he developed his influential sound/color theory in which each color speaks its own language and has its own shape and soul. He combines colors to form a harmony which creates "a vibration of the soul".

  • Art vase is made from kiln-fired ceramic, color and gloss finish. (PN SDA25)
  • Measures 9 3/8 in H x 4 1/2 in W x 2 3/4 in D. Weight 1.55 lbs.

This vase is part of an art vase collection called Silhouette d'Art. It is crafted from fine ceramic and decorated with a famous masterpiece painting. Vases are a cooperative effort between two European fine art manufacturers -- Parastone, a Dutch Art Company, and John Beswick, a British ceramic company. The famous art masterpieces are selected for their visual beauty and then applied to a special shaped vase design with a cut edge to enhance a design element from the painting.

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