Archangel Gabriel of Mercy Praying to White Dove Wall Relief 13H

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On this wall hanging, the Archangel Gabriel is shown kneeling in prayer to the white dove symbol of God. Gabriel means God is my strength. Gabriel is the Angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death and revelation. Gabriel is the ruler of heaven and ruler of the Cherubim.

  • This Archangel Gabriel Relief is made from bonded stone, hand-painted color details, ready to hang. PN A-011SP
  • Measures 13 in H x 8.5 in W x 0.6 in D. Weight approx. 3 lbs.
  • Original located in the L.A. County Museum of Art, Los Angeles. 1480 A.D.

Gabriel is said to sit on the left hand side of God. Muhammad claimed it was Gabriel who dictated to him the Koran. In Jewish legend it was Gabriel who dealt death and destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah. Gabriel appeared to Daniel to tell him of the coming of a Messiah, a message which later he repeats to Mary in the annunciation. Earlier he had announced to Zacharias the coming of John the Baptist.

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