Museumize:Adam and Eve Garden of Eden Green Tapestry 53H

Adam and Eve Garden of Eden Green Woven Wall Tapestry 53H

PN# 6795
  • $180.00 USD

This Adam and Eve Tapestry illustrated Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden next to the apple tree. They are surrounded by the animals of the earth in perfect harmony.


  • old world European castle renaissance style
  • rich greens
  • portrait orientation
  • 40 inches wide by 53 inches tall
  • woven from 100% cotton.
  • PN 6795
  • hanging rod and tassels sold separately

This Abundance Tapestry adds unique and functional textile art to your home or office walls as it draws the viewer into the depth and texture of the image while adding an acoustic elegance. Woven on jacquard looms in the tradition of European tapestries beloved and collected for centuries, this tapestry collection has the quality of a European import, but is made proudly here in the USA. The colors are vibrant and rich and the texture is authentic.

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