We are a Museum Store with 20 years experience selling fine quality collectible replica statues based on famous museum originals. We are based in Southern California USA. We love to share art from the most famous museums around the world with our customers. Our favorite collection is made by Parastone  -- with outstanding statue replicas by Degas, Rodin, Greek, Egyptian, Dali, Hieronymos Bosch, and dozens more in our Look Book.

Service is a top priority with outstanding shipping service, packaging standards, and quick turnaround. We strive to ship in stock items within 1 business day. Returns for refund for 30 days. We ship to US and International Destinations. If you have any questions at all, please contact us. We love to discuss our statues as we have them here in our warehouse and can easily answer your particular questions and assist with your delivery needs! See our FAQs about our Customer Service Policies.