Museumize:Alexander the Great Greek Portrait Garden Statue 12H

Alexander the Great Greek Portrait Garden Statue 12H

PN# TFS0610
  • $78.00 USD

The Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, is represented in this Portrait Head Statue as a youth with luxuriantly wavy locks that rise upward from above the middle of his forehead like a lion's mane, a characteristic known from all Alexander portraits. 

Material: Fiberstone (mixture of stone cast directly into the surface then reinforced with a fiberglass backing). Rustic appearance with its own imperfections that add beauty to this handmade product. The resulting product is lightweight, safe for outdoor use, and less fragile than concrete.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. PN TFS0610
  • Shown in White Moss finish.
  • Measures: 12 in H x 9 in W x 7 in D. 5 lbs est.
  • Delivery: Made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

More about Alexander the Great:
Alexander was born in 345 B.C. at Pella, the capital of Macedonia. As a child, his studies were under the tutelage of Aristotle. At the age of sixteen, while his father Phillip, the King of Macedonia, marched against Byzantium he was entrusted with the governing of their country. When his father was murdered, he became King and leader of the powerful Macedonian army. After strengthening his positions in Greece, he undertook a military campaign which freed the Greek cities of Asia Minor from Persian rule. With an objective of fusing western and oriental cultures, he then went on to conquer Egypt, Persia and part of India before his death at the age of 33. These brilliant accomplishments during his brief life identify him as one the greatest of all military leaders.

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