Museumize:Amazon Fruits and Flowers Jungle Scents Potpourri by Flaires 3-PACK

Amazon Jungle Fruits and Flowers Scents Potpourri by Flaires 3-PACK

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Simply divine scent of the Amazon which combines Jungle Fruits and Flowers into a blend. Green potpourri chips made from dried plant leaves have a long lasting fragrance. Either puncture bag and place in a closet to freshen your home or empty bag into a vase for home decor. Bag weighs 1.7 oz.

Variety and essence in a small and affordable package!

Made by Flaires of Spain, a renown incense and essential oils manufacturer from Europe. (PN 7607)

Amazon fragrance description: It is a fragrance full of exotic strength. It is a sweet and tangy aroma. Where the acidity of the fruits of the Amazon, such as papaya and mango combine perfectly with the scent of green notes and wood from the forest. This seductive fragrance is rounded by sweet coconut milk and sugar cane.

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