Museumize:Amun-Ra Egyptian Secret Min Recipe Protection Perfume

Amun-Ra Egyptian Secret Min Recipe Protection Perfume

PN# L-500
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The Secret of Min is an Egyptian ointment designed to meet the members of the God and "to anoint any statue of wood or stone." The formula was a secret passed from father to son. Only the priest did the cleansing was part of the secret: "Because it is a secret not to be known". This secret is found in the walls of the temple of Edfu in Egypt. This blend of minerals, plants and resins, transferred to the divinity when a statue is anointed.

Esoteric Use: Protector, fertility.

Top quality. Completely natural. Our essential oils are premium essences to be burnt as an ambient fragrance.

Made by the Flaires brand from Spain. Made of Isopropil Myristate and perfumes. 15ml (1/2oz) bottles. (L-500)

A customer described it as a mixture of "frankincense & myrrh...exotic!"

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