Museumize:Ancient Chinese Coins Knife Money Replica Set of 6

Ancient Chinese Coins Knife Money Replica Set of 6

PN# 8208
  • $7.95 USD

This interesting reproduction set of Chinese coins are replicas of various forms of money used in Ancient China, from approximately 600-200 B.C. Each shape was used during a specific dynasty and locale. The shapes are generally referred to as knife money or spade money depending on its shape. Most true antiques will sell for anywhere from $50-$900 a piece. This set of ancient Chinese coin reproductions is useful for teaching children about the history of coins, money and commerce by using Chinese money reproductions.

  • Asian Coin Replica Set of six are made from metal. (PN 8208)
  • Coin sizes range from 1.5 in L to 4.5 in L by 1 in W. Weight: approx. 3 ounces.
  • NOTE: product description on packaging is written in Chinese.

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