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King Tut Ankh as Paperweight or Wall Hanging 7.9H -

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Ankh reproduced from King Tut's treasures. The ancient original of this reproduction was a case cover for a mirror and it was part of the funerary treasures found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. This ankh statue has an aged golden appearance with the texture like wood grain. At the center of the circle is a scarab and lotus flower.

The Egyptian replica has a very nice size for placing like a paperweight on top of your important papers. It could also be used in a stage production about Cleopatra as a prop. Else, it has a hanging bracket on the back and could be hung on the wall.

  • Royal Ankh Symbol of Life is made from crushed stone and resin with an aged gold finish and hand painted color details.
  • Measures 7 15/16 in L x 3 3/4 in W x 7/8 in D. Weighs 14 oz. (E-350GPW)

Egyptian Museum, Cairo Dynasty XVIII, 1347-1337 B.C.

Only Kings, Queens and Gods were allowed to carry this symbol. The ankh is the Egyptian sign of life and indicates that the King or God holding it has the power to give life or take it away from lesser mortals. The Ankh as a symbol of the life giving elements of air and water was often used by a God or Goddess who holds the ankh before the Kings nose, giving him the "breath of life" or as streams of water in the form of ankhs running over the King during ritual purification.

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