Antinous Bust Companion of Roman Emperor Hadrian 26H

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Antinous or Antinos (c. November 29, 111October 30, 130) was a member of the entourage of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, to whom he was beloved. Antinous was deified after his death. The Antinous Farnese is a specific marble sculptural representation of Antinous, named after its one-time owners the Farnese family. It was once displayed at the entrance to the Carracci Gallery in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, from which it was taken to Naples to the Royal Borbonic Museum (Reale Museo Borbonico), now the Naples National Archaeological Museum (a replica was put in place in the Palazzo in the 1970s).

This reproduction bust of Antinous is taken from the full figure statue of the Antinous Farnese. The head is about 20% larger than an actual human head. It is made from fiberglass resin and measures 26 in H x 14.0 in W x 13.0 in D. Weighs approx. 15 - 19 lbs. (PN 7494)

Pictured in Antique Grey (white with grey wash).

Made to order. Ships in 4 to 6 weeks.

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