Anubis Holds Symbols of Pharaoh Crook and Flail Small Egyptian Wall Relief 5.6W

PN# E-031SP
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This Anubis Relief is a small intimate portrait which you can hold in your hand. It looks like an actual piece of stone removed from an ancient archaeological site. Use it to teach students about the type of wall art incorporated into elaborate power statements of tombs and temples from ancient Egypt.

  • Anubis Relief is made from bonded stone, antique sandstone finish with color details, ready to hang.
  • Measures 5 5/8 in W x 4 7/8 in H x 5/8 D. Weight 1 lb. (E-031SP)

Life does not end with death, but rather begins anew in the afterlife where Anubis awaits. Egyptian god of the dead was the title given to Anubis, but he was more of a guide who would take the dead by the hand and deliver them into the presence of the sovereign judges where the soul of the deceased would be weighed. This Anubis relief fragment is adapted from an Egyptian tomb painting.

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