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Archangel Uriel of Repentance Standing Statue Small 8.5H - Museumize

Archangel Uriel of Repentance Standing Statue Small 8.5H -

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Archangel Uriel statue is made from resin, antique stone finish, approx. 8.5"H x 5"W. Weighs 2 lbs.

The Archangel Uriel's name means fire of God. He presides over Tartarus or Hell. In the apocalypse, Uriel appears as the Angel of Repentance who is graphically depicted as being about as pitiless as any demon you would not want to meet in hell. This Archangel Uriel sculpture illustrates Uriel in Renaissance attire holding his fiery sword of justice in one hand and the keys to the gates of Hades in the other hand. He looks out at his followers with a stare of judgment. Uriel is one of the four Archangels in Christianity. Being both a Seraphin and a Cherubim, he is identified as one of the Angels who helped bury Adam and Abel in Paradise: as the dark Angel who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel; as the destroyer of the Host of Sennacherib; and as the messenger sent by God to warn Noah of the deluge. Often identified as the Cherub who stands at the gate of Eden with a fiery sword or as in Enoch I where he is the Angel who watches over thunder and terror. (A-027S)

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