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Assyrian Winged Lion and Bull Lamassu Bookends 8H -

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Assyrian Lion and Bull Bookends recreate famous Lamassu statues originally done on a colossal scale that were symbols of ancient rulers in the Assyrian empire. Animal beasts with human heads.

This set of decorative Assyrian Winged Lion and Bull bookends are a famous example of Mesopotamian art. They feature complementary views of majestic hybrid animals associated with Assyrian leadership. These figures were known to the Assyrians as lamassu (lamassi, plural). They combined the strength of the bull, the swiftness of birds indicated by the wings, and the intelligence of the human head. They were designed to protect the palace from demonic forces, and may even have guarded the entrance to the private apartments of the king. The figure has five legs, so that when viewed from the front it stands firm, while when viewed from the side it appears to be striding forward to combat evil. The horned cap attests to their divinity, and the belt signifies their power.

Assyrian Winged Lion and Bull Lamassu Bookends are made from bonded stone, white with grey wash finish, and measures 8 in H x 9 in W x 2 in D each. (8234AS)


  • Only sold as a set.
  • Side of sculpture facing books is flat with no sculptural details so that it can rest against your books.
  • Home decor quality (not museum replica quality). Amount of fine details varies on each statue based on casting wear.
  • Set of bookends weighs 5.8 lbs. Bookends are suitable for use with lighter weight books.
  • Availability: either shows in stock and ships immediately; else made to order 4-6 weeks

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