Athena Pallas Minerva Greek Roman Goddess Bust with Helmet Statue 20H

PN# T87960
  • $219.99 USD

Known as the Pallas Athena, it is one of the most important busts surviving of Athena because it was carved of Parian marble, found on the island of Crete, and believed to be carved by the sculptor Cephisodote from the late Classical period in the 4th century.

With the stunning original of Athena Pallas now in the Louvre Museum in Paris, we are lucky to be graced with this lovely reproduction here in the US. PN T87960.

Athena (Greek, Minerva in Roman mythology)--as the goddess of wisdom, skills and warfare--was one of the twelve Olympians. Here she is depicted wearing her traditional military helmet, and cloak with medusa head.

  • Made from resin antiqued to look like old marble.
  • Statue bust of Athena measures 20 in H x 14 in W x 7 in D. Weighs 16 lbs.
  • Dimensions at base bottom are approximately 5.5 in W x 5 in D. 

NOTE: The base has a useful front area where a commemorative plaque could be placed when giving this statue as an award or trophy. The space measures 3 in W x 2.5 in H.

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