Atlas Holding World Greek Statue, Bronze Finish, Assorted Sizes

PN# 7517-8
  • $43.88 USD

He has the whole world in his hands! In Greek mythology, Atlas was condemned to bear the weight of the heavens upon his shoulder after he led a rebellion against the almighty Zeus. Our sculpture reproduction of this famous myth illustrates Atlas kneeling in contemplation of the massive weight which he carries.

Available in three sizes:

  • 12.5 in H Globe opens -- Made from cold cast bronze and resin, globe opens for storage, and measures 12.5 in H x 6 in W x 5 in L. Weighs 4-5 lbs. The size of the statue has a clever design in the globe as it can be opened to reveal a box storage. Useful for your desktop and beautiful, this Atlas statue has all the best features! PN 7517
  • 8.2 in H Globe does not open -- Made from cold cast bronze and resin, globe does not open, measures 8.25 in H. Weighs 1.5 lbs. PN 7517-8
  • 25.5 in H Globe opens -- Atlas Kneeling with World on His Shoulders Statue, Grande is made from cold cast resin, bronze finish, measures 25.5 in H x 10.6 in W x 12.2 in D. Globe opens to make a box. Weight: 18 lbs est.

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