Bacchanal Frieze Bacchus Revelers Gather Grapes Greek Wall Hanging 19L

PN# T88260
  • $182.24 USD

This wall hanging illustrates a gathering of ancient Greek citizens celebrating grapes and the Bacchanal as followers of Bacchus Dionysos. The men and women frolic while holding bunches of grapes and cornucopia horns of plenty. Their flowing draped clothing intertwines into a continuous artistic program as one man overlaps with a woman in a never-ending display of joy, love and happiness.

Reproduction is made to look aged from resin with grey and yellow tones, ready to hang with wire mount screwed securely into back, measures 19 in L x 8.5 in H x 1.5 in D. Weighs 6.25 lbs. PN T88260

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