Museumize:Bayeux Tapestry Medieval Men Silk Neck Tie 3 7/8W

Bayeux Tapestry Medieval Norman Conquest Historic Men Silk Neck Tie 3 7/8W

PN# 7330
  • $29.95 USD

The Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered in the 11th Century to commemorate the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. The original Bayeux Tapestry in the Centre Guillaume le Conquerant Museum in Bayeux, France is 230 feet long and 20 inches high. It is a complex treasury of information about William's victory and Norman and Anglo-Saxon society with depictions of farming implements, table etiquette, and warfare.

  • Bayeux Tapestry Medieval Men Silk Necktie is made from 100% silk, fully lined.
  • 3 7/8 in W. (PN 7330)
  • Dominant colors are cream, red, and gold.

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