Benjamin Standing US Founding Father Portrait Statue 11.25H

PN# 10013
  • $54.90 USD

This detailed reproduction illustrates US American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin excelled in many roles: as printer, writer, scientist, inventor and statesman. As the oldest founding fathers of the United States of America, his was the only signature that was on all three documents: Declaration of Independence, Peace Treaty ending the Revolution War, and the United States Constitution. At the front is a plaque with his name.

This statue would look striking in a bookshelf next to history books. It also makes a suitable pendant pair for our Thomas Jefferson statue PN 8646 or George Washington statue PN 10012

  • This Ben Franklin portrait statue is made from Cold Cast Bronze (resin and bronze powder).
  • Measures 11.25 in H, approximately 3 in W x 3 in D. Weighs 2 lbs. PN 10013.

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