Bookmark - Egyptian Queen Nefertiti 2.9L

Bookmark - Egyptian Queen Nefertiti 2.9L

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This is a metal bookmark inspired by portraits of Queen Nefertiti also featuring a silk tassel. From the British Museum collection.

  • Egyptian Royalty metal bookmarker measures 2 7/8 inches H x 1 1/4 inches W. Silk tassel adds extra length to dangle out of your book.
  • Made from metal.
  • Colors gold, red, and blue.

** Limited to quantity on hand, once sold item is retired**

About the design:

The image of Queen Nefertiti (c.1370-1330 BC) has been inspired by the world famous bust which can be found in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. The bust, crafted by Thutmose in the 14th century BC was discovered in 1912, and shows the queen wearing a striking wesekh necklace, which has retained an impressive amount of its original pigments.

The wesekh or weskhet collar necklace pictured here was composed of cylinders or tubes strung in horizontal layers around a central choker. Wesekhs were favourites of the gods and the pharaohs, and from around the 18th Dynasty, were gifted to officials, dignitaries and soldiers as a mark of honour. Often made of gold, wesekh necklaces also often featured other precious metals such as copper and silver, and gemstones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian, as well as faience glaze. 

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