Museumize:Butterfly Spiritual Awakening Mother Goddess Pewter Pendant Necklace 1L

Butterfly Spiritual Awakening Mother Goddess Pewter Pendant Necklace 1L

PN# PFG-106
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The Butterfly is the a symbol of transformation. A butterfly begins life as an egg, then transforms into a caterpillar, then into a cocoon, and lastly into a butterfly. The emergence of the butterfly from the cocoon is a symbol of spiritual awakening out of the limitations of the physical world. (PN PFG-106)

  • Butterfly Goddess Pendant is made from pewter, measures 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide,
  • Comes with a 33 in long black cord.

This necklace has a Butterfly Mother Goddess who watches over someone who is going through dramatic changes. Her own transformation is total. In her cocoon state, she is completely still. After she emerges, she has wings to fly, and tastes a new freedom. The butterfly Goddess counsels patience, especially on the spirit path. The butterfly's short life and many enemies make it too easy for things to end at any time. She helps each one of us to go through our journey for its own sake, and not to focus on the outcome of things.

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