Museumize:Demi-Plie Ballet Move Bronze Figurine - 8433

Demi-Plie Ballet Move Bronze Finish Figurine

PN# 8433
  • $29.25 USD

A demi-plie is when a ballet dancer bends the knees until just below the hips while maintaining the turn-out. The thighs and the knees need to be directly above the line of the toes. The intention is to keep the heels on the ground as long as possible. The motion should be fluent. Once the bottom of the bend is achieved the bend is then reversed.

This figurine of a girl illustrates her practicing her demi-plie in third position. She practices until she achieves the perfect demi-plie. She is made from cold cast bronze and measures 8 7/8"H.

Ballet is type of dance that originated in the 15th century and was developed into dance performances. Ballet is technical dance that has its own vocabulary. It is used world wide for its techniques that are used in many other dance genres. Ballet is also known for the use of choreography and music. Ballets are choreographed and performed by trained ballet dancers, and usually performed with classical music. Ballet requires many years of training to master and perform. Practice is important to retain accuracy and proficiency.

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