Discus Thrower Greek Statue Lost Wax Bronze Metal 13H

PN# 7923
  • $238.00 USD

Reproduction of Greek Roman original in bronze metal celebrates Olympic athletes. Originally created by the Greek artist Myron in bronze c. 450 BC, the Diskobolos (Discus Thrower) survives here as a Roman marble copy in the Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome. Executed during a period of transition between the Early and High Classical styles, this sculpture's naturalistic anatomy and twisting pose are new artistic conventions in Greek sculpture.

Discus Thrower Greek Statue, Lost Wax Bronze is made from bronze metal according to centuries old casting methods. Black marble base.

Measures: 13 in H x 8 in W x 4 in D. Weighs 18 lbs. PN 7923

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