Double Key Chair Tie 5L Tassel for Tapestries, Assorted Colors

PN# 6874 - beige
  • $28.00 USD

Double Key Chair Tie 5 in L Tassel for Tapestries in assorted colors. PN 6874.

Accentuate your tapestry with this lovely set of perky traditional key shaped chair tie tassels. Overall drop is 19 inches. The bell shaped tassel is dense, soft and luxurious.

  • The wine shade is a mix of burgundy colors with a hint of black and tan.
  • The black shade is rich and deep.
  • The beige shade is a mix of tans and beige with a hint of cream.
  • The gold shade is a mix of golds with a hint of beige.
  • The sage shade is a gentle green with a hint of gold.
  • The earth shade is a mix of browns with a hint of chestnut.

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