Egyptian Obelisk with Hieroglyphs Statue 8.5H, Assorted Colors

PN# T53070-0002
  • $16.19 USD

Egyptian Obelisk Reproduction is made from resin with either a black or stone finish. 8.5 inches tall, approx. 0.85 lbs. PN T53070

Egyptian Obelisks are tall, slender four sided shafts carved from a single stone and topped with a point known as a pyramidion. Obelisks were known to the ancient Egyptians as Tekhenu. They were typically inscribed with the names and titles of the king who commissioned them. Obelisks were considered to be sacred to the Sun God Ra, whose main center of worship was at Heliopolis where the oldest surviving monumental obelisk in Egypt still stands. Obelisks were first erected at Heliopolis and the practice was continued throughout the pharaonic period. Some small squat obelisks survive from the early years of dynastic Egypt when they usually stood in pairs before the entrances to the tombs.

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