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Egyptian Sphinx Miniature Statue for Homeschool Gold and Color 4L - Museumize

Egyptian Sphinx Miniature Statue for Homeschool Gold and Color 4L -

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The word Sphinx used by the Greeks derives perhaps from the Egyptian Shesepankh "Living Statue". It designates a type of statue joining a human head to the body of a lion and symbolizes sovereignty combining the strength of the lion with a human intelligence.

Our reproduction statue is small in size for homeschooling or using as a paperweight on your desk. It adds history and humor to your every day world. Imagine how the great sphinx at Giza originally looked when it too was once painted. PN E-039GP

Made from resin, hand-painted gold and color details, 4"L x 2"W approx. Weighs 0.4 lbs.

The Egyptian Sphinx was, with only a few exceptions in representations of some Queens of the Middle Kingdom, shown as male. Also, the Egyptian Sphinx was viewed as benevolent, a guardian, whereas the Greek Sphinx was invariably malevolent towards people. The Sphinx was the embodiment of royal power often shown smiting the King's enemies, or the King himself being represented as a victorious Sphinx trampling on his foes. This Sphinx represents King Thutmosis III wearing a striped "Nemes" head cloth protected by an Uraeus and a false beard.

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