Emilie Floge Art Nouveau Blue Victorian Dress Portrait Statue by Gustav Klimt 9.5H

PN# KL25
  • $72.00 USD

Portrait of fashion designer Emilie, a good friend of Gustav Klimt's. She was the subject in several of Klimt's artworks. We see her wearing a stunning, fashionable blue dress establishing her role as a society woman from the turn of the century in Austria. Many believe Klimt and Floge were lovers, but the truth is they were merely close friends and relatives. Kilmt's brother, Ernst, had married Emilie's sister, which made her Klimt's sister-in-law. During the last 25 years of Klimt's life, she was very close to Klimt.

  • Material : Collectible quality, resin with hand-painted color details, matte and glossy finish.
  • Statue replica is from the highly collectible Parastone Mouseion 3D Collection.
  • Included : Full color card with image of original artwork. Description card about artist and artwork. Both cards are in four languages.
  • Dimensions : 9.5 in. x 3 in. x 2 in. Weighs: 1 lbs. PN KL25

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