Museumize:Eros Riding Centaur Statue Bonded Bronze - 6030

Eros Riding Centaur Statue Bonded Bronze - 6030

PN# 6030
  • $69.98 USD

This sculpture illustrates a small winged Eros riding the back of Chiron, a half man and half hoofed beast. In Greek Mythology, centaurs had extreme physical strength. Most liked wine and women and were frightful beasts. Other centaurs were good and considerate, especially Chiron. He was skilled in hunting, medicine and music; represented good and wisdom; and taught humans good-conduct and skills. Zeus credited Chiron with being the wisest and most just of all centaurs and placed him among the stars in the constellation, Sagittarius. Chiron is made from a resin that reveals the smallest of details and measures 11"H x 7.5"L x 4.5"W.

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