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Cycladic Mother Goddess Face Pewter Pendant Charm Necklace 1.25L -

  • 12.95 USD

This Cycladic Goddess Head is from an ancient culture from the Cyclades (islands now part of Greece), long before the Classical Greeks or Romans. Only her nose is shown; just enough to let us see that it is, in fact, a face. All women are the Goddess. It's not that she has no face. Rather, she has infinite faces, the faces of all women, even those yet unborn. She is the mother; the giver of life. She is the maiden, the spirit of feminine vigor. She is also the crone; the old one who heals with herbs, midwifery and ancient love. The faceless Goddess belongs to no one group of women, so she is available to All.
  • Pendant comes on Legend Card with a 33 inch long cord. PN ETM-517.
  • Made from fine pewter. Measures 1.25 in L x 0.5 in W.

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