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Museumize:Ganesh Hindu Elephant God Statue - 207B

Ganesh Hindu Elephant God Statue - 207B -

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One of the most beloved gods of India, the elephant-headed Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles to any undertaking. The son of Shiva, one of the trinity of major Hindu gods, Ganesh once enraged his hot-tempered father, who chopped off his head. After pleas from Ganesh's mother, Parvati Shiva placed the head of an elephant on the body of their young son. The subject of much teasing because of his appearance, Ganesha became so angry at the moon for making fun of him that he broke off one of his tusks and threw it at the moon thus creating the formations we know as craters. The original statue, from southern India, is bronze and dates from c. 19th century.

This reproduction is made from bonded stone, bronze finish and measures 12"H.

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