Ganesh Remover of Obstacles Hindu Bronze Miniature Statue 1H

PN# FIG-501
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Ask Ganesh for assistance during your daily activities by carrying this Miniature Statue of Ganesh in your pocket or purse.

Made from bronze metal over pewter, 1 in H x 0.5 in W x 0.5 in D. PN FIG-501

Ganesh may be worshiped with the words: Om Nameh Ganeshaya.

Ganesh is the Hindu remover of obstacles and also is known as the beginner of things. He is the son of Parvati, who per legend, formed him out of mud and then invested him with life, to be her personal guard. One day Shiva, her husband, who is also known as the God of destruction, wanted to call on his wife while she was in bath. Ganesh refused to let him in just as his mother had asked him to. Shiva was out raged and a fierce battle ensured. At last Shiva won by using his trident, a three pointed spear, to strike off Ganesh's Head. When Parvati saw what Shiva had done to her son, she flew into a rage and turned into Kali, who overcame Shiva in an instant. Parvati was overcome by remorse and restored him to life. Then she ordered Shiva to bring Ganesh back to life, and to replace his head with the first head he found. That first head turned out to be that of an elephant.

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