Odysseus Greek Myth Kylix Museum Vase Imported from Greece 16W

PN# 8712
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This Greek vase reproduction illustrates a Odysseus the Greek hero receiving his helmet and breast plate armor. This Greek vase shape is called a kylix used as a drinking cup during dinners and banquets. The painting completed in the red figure style covers the basin of the drinking cup area. The Greek meander pattern appears around the rim. On the underside, the artist notes that the vase has the Kylix shape after designs circa 460 B.C.

Gallery quality reproduction made in Greece from terra-cotta, hand spun on the wheel, certified by the Greek Ministry with a pewter seal, and measures 5"H x 16"W x 11.75"D. Decorative use only.

This vase is no longer manufactured. As such, it is a treasure for Greek collector as it is hard to come by in this great quality. The painted details have a recently unearthed finish. Our vase is already over 20 years old!

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