Museumize:Greek Panathenaic Gods and Goddesses Procession Silk Neck Tie

Greek Panathenaic Gods and Goddesses Procession Silk Neck Tie

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This men's silk neck tie illustrates a drawing of the Panathenaic Procession from the frieze of the Parthenon at the Acropolis. As part of Greek ceremonies honoring their patron goddess Athena, ancient citizens of Athens would form a procession through the Acropolis. Appearing along the perimeter of the Parthenon's colonnade, a symbolic procession of gods and goddess, animals and water jug carriers joined them in their celebration.

This tie has scenes from the carved frieze on horizontal bands. The primary colors are black and cream. It is a dignified neck tie for ancient classical history lovers, college professors, classics majors and lovers of Greek art and architecture. (PN 8479)

100% Silk men's necktie. Size: Approx. 58 in L x 3 7/8 in W.

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