Museumize:Green Arrow Mission Stained Glass Lamp 26H - T83300

Green Arrow Mission Stained Glass Lamp 26H

PN# T83300
  • $266.99 USD

In the late 19th century, American decorative arts witnessed a departure from the excessive ornamentation that was synonymous to the Victorian era. One of the most enduring pieces from this design movement is the Mission Lamp, which features the flat panels and linear design patterns the mission revival style is known for. The simplicity of design, with its play on horizontal and vertical lines, allows the workmanship behind the pieces to come through. The minimal embellishments also draw attention to the functionality and purpose of these works.

Our stained glass lamp reproduction illustrates a geometric design with a central green pattern reminiscent of an arrowhead. The linear divisions on each quadrant of this four sided lamp shade repeats in neutral green, brown, and cream colors. The Mission Design is retrained in simplicity in comparison to ornate patterns popular at the same time from the Victorian Age.

Reproduction Stained Glass shade, resin metal base, pull string light switch, and measures 26 in H x 15.25 in L x 15.25 in W. Light bulbs not included. PN T83300

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