Hercules and Antaeus Statue after Pollaiuolo, Bonded Bronze 10.5H

PN# 8154
  • $54.00 USD

Antaeus was a Greek wrestler who challenged men who would pass through his colonies along the coast of Libya, with a wrestling match. He would kill them and collect their skulls so he could build a temple for his father Poseidon. Antaeus had defeated most of his opponents until he came across Heracles (Hercules) who was on his way to Hesperides. Heracles knew he could not defeat Antaeus by throwing him to the ground because he would gain strength. Heracles held Antaeus in a Bear Hug position in the air and crushed him to death. He had discovered Antaeus' secret and defeated him.

Statue of Hercules and Antaeus is reproduced after an original painting by Antonio del Pollaiuolo from the Italian Renaissance. It shows a classical interest in male form, exaggerated musculature and dynamic poses. Statue is made from bonded bronze and measures 10.5 in H x 4.75 in W x 5.25 in D. PN 8154

NOTE: Black base pictured is not included.

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