Museumize:High Noon Has Melted Melting Desk Clock - 8419

High Noon Has Melted Melting Desk Clock

PN# 8419
  • $75.60 USD

High Noon Has Melted Melting Desk Clock shows an antique style clock face which has melted most at noontime. The lunch time break and midnight hour change of day are both becoming non-tangible and fluid. This desk clock is made from resin with hand painted antique face and gold colors, battery operated, self standing, and measures 11 3/4"H.

This melting clock design is part of a series of liquified looking clocks inspired by the artistry of Salvador Dali and his most famous painting of Surreal Time with a clock melted over a ledge. It is an homage to a great painter Dali who was inspired by the dream state of our minds in the Surrealism movement.

The artist for this clock has added art nouveau embellishments and a fluid design unique to itself. This clock rests on its own stand which is part of the melted design.

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