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Horus Hekenu Protection Recipe Egyptian Perfume Essential Fragrance Oils by Flaires

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The Hekenu is one of the ointments of the Ancient Egypt. It should be applied by a priest with a light touch of the little finger.The formula appears in the E wall of the laboratory of Edfu by the chamber of the statue of the king. The hekenu needs 365 days to prepare. The base was squeezed from the fruit pulp of the carob tree. The fruit of the carob tree was the one who gave name to the word "sweet" (nedjem). This plant was chosen not for its smell, but for the opposite, namely its lack of aroma and also its great capacity to absorb other perfumes.

Esoteric use: Protection against evil eye and negative energies.

Top quality. Completely natural. No artificial ingredients used. Our essential oils are premium essences to be burnt. Our essential oils deliver positive benefits to the body through smell or direct absorption into the skin via a high dilution (2-3% essential oil to 98-97% base oil). Their primary use is as an ambiance fragrance. Made by the Flaires brand from Spain. Premium European quality. Made of Isopropil Myristate and perfumes. 15ml (1/2oz) bottles.

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