Indian American Woman Female Squaw Portrait Bust Large Statue 20.75H

PN# T87430
  • $269.00 USD

The American Indian Woman looks off to one side as her head feathers frame her portrait. She has colored necklaces and a long hair braid.

This large scale statue is made from bonded bronze (cast bronze powder and resin. It has a metallic plated finish. The overall tone is mid range brown with some added color details for beauty.

Indian Female Portrait Bust Statue measures 20 in H x 14.5 in L x 7 in D. Weighs 16.4 lbs. PN T87430.

This is a sculpture inspired by the many images of cowboys and indians which are part of the North American heritage in the USA and the old west. Statue has meticulous details and is nicely sculpted with balance and composition. Bonded bronze replicates bronze but is more affordable as it is made from cast resin with bronze powder.

Legal Disclaimer: This is NOT an "Indian Product". It is NOT designed, produced, or assembled by an Indian.

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