Julius Caesar Roman Portrait Emperor Bust 15.5H

PN# Q-001SM
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Julius Caesar was a brilliant general and statesman who had a profound impact on history during the early Roman Republic period. Between 58 and 50 B.C. he conquered the Gauls in northern Europe, greatly adding to the size and influence of the Roman empire. Following a civil war, he became Rome's dictator and enacted many needed reforms which helped ensure the success of Rome for centuries to come. His assassination in 44 B.C. was prompted by the Roman senate's fear that he wished to become king. Because of his influence on Rome and history, Caesar is remembered as one of the world's greatest leaders. (PN Q-001SM)

  • Reproduction based on an original in Vatican Museum.
  • Julius Caesar Roman Emperor Bust is made from bonded stone with a white finish and black marble base.
  • Overall dimensions: 15.5 in H x 7.25 in W x 8.5 in D. Weighs 30 lbs.
  • Includes marble base which measures 6.5 in square x 1.25 in H.

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